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Wednesday, January 19, 2022


Easter-ANZAC publishing arrangements

The Melbourne Observer has evolved over 50 years into one of Victoria’s biggest weekly publications. Although there is a modest cover price, it is a newspaper funded mostly by advertisers. The newspaper is consistently more than 100 pages, and is also free online. Our business is governed by strict commercial principles. To meet our financial

OUT NOW: Latest issue (Wed., Feb. 6)

The latest Melbourne Observer (Wed., Feb. 6) is out now. Buy your copy for $2.95 from good newsagents across Victoria. Or take a sneak peek, free, online.

Australia day feature: heritage mystery, 130 years ago

Melbourne Observer Editor Ash Long has been contributing a series of special features over the summer feature. In the week of Australia Day 2019, Ash Long files this ‘Something Personal’ feature, with a story from 130 years ago. It is the story of his own grandmother, Althea Long, and an unanswered question about Australian aboriginality. My

TV: We Are One. An Australia Day Documentary

‘We Are One’ is an Australia Day documentary. It is narrated by Adam Goodes, produced by Matt Lanigan and directed by Brendan Dillon. A small group of Australians have created a new movement called We Are One. “The meaning of Australia Day is something unique to each and every Australian and whilst the debate over

Melbourne Observer

The Melbourne Observer, established in 1969, is Victoria’s weekly independent newspaper. It presents a weekly coverage of news, sport, lifestyle reports, feature articles and columns. Buy your copy of the Melbourne Observer from hundreds of Victorian newsagents each week for $2.95. Or read the Observer free, online, at www.MelbourneObserver.com.au

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