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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Easter-ANZAC publishing arrangements

The Melbourne Observer has evolved over 50 years into one of Victoria’s biggest weekly publications. Although there is a modest cover price, it is a newspaper funded mostly by advertisers. The newspaper is consistently more than 100 pages, and is also free online.

Our business is governed by strict commercial principles. To meet our financial responsibilities, we must sell sufficient advertising space each week to fund the significant print costs.

The Easter-ANZAC week looks like becoming a national 10-day holiday break. For many years, we have not published a print edition on Easter Wednesday. It is commercially not feasible for a publication in a holiday week. With the 10-day break ahead, we have determined not to publish print editions on April 24 or May 1. We then resume weekly publication on May 8 until Christmas.

We will continue our online news coverage throughout this time. Advertiser schedules and billing will be adjusted accordingly. We thank readers and advertisers for their understanding.