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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

SHOWBIZ: The Listies

“Really funny.” “Go to the back with the silly string.” “Ask every kid in the audience about the instruments.” “I liked how they did the inflatables.” “The baby was really funny.” “The audience calling out was annoying.” “A show for 5 – adults.”
These were some of the comments brought forward from my two companions (8 and 9) following The Listies comedy festival show, Make Some Noise.
As an adult with a particular interest in theatre for young people, this show hit the right ‘chord’ with enough humour, music, and interest for all ages.
The performers made immature jokes, but didn’t talk down to the audience, instead played with them, showing respect in their responses and interactions.
This was a clever show with lots of music, sounds, original songs – the final one I could not get out of my mind for a while. A professional looking show with everyone in the audience encouraged to join in and they did. At times it felt like a concert, at other times sketch comedy.
There were some predictable moments but all delivered brilliantly. The audience laughed every time at the ’roadies bum crack’, as silly as it was as it was delivered beautifully and in context.
Everything had a purpose which I think is why this show worked for both children and adults. This show is advertised as one for the whole family and it is. Richard Higgins (Rich) and Matthew Kelly (Matt) are endearing, smart, performers who deserve a following.

  • Review by Elizabeth Semmel