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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

SHOWBIZ: Funny As Sin

Ben Kochan and Concetta Caristo are two ‘separate comedians’ and a de facto couple in love. Their devotion is obvious as they bounce on stage full of energy and adoration for each other in their Melbourne International Comedy Festival offering at Cooper’s Inn, Funny as Sin.
But as is to be expected, in any relationship there are hurdles, differences, rivalries and quibbles – happily all played out with affection, courtesy and kindness.
Caristo is delightfully animated, with a gift of the gab, she bubbles and chatters away about anything and everything with ease and confidence.
She is pro-women, but not anti-men, a girl’s girl with a penchant for pink things, all over the apartment, but that doesn’t seem to bother Kochan.
Kochan is slightly more measured, perhaps the saner of the two, but equally as engaging. They both seem enamoured and delighted in the audience and are looking for validation for their own experience in love from audience members.
Their banter is light and fun as they chat about being a couple, what it’s like to be in love and living together. They bounce naturally off each other and the ad-libbing is impressive and funny.
The routine is pacey and varied. A celebrity portrait guessing competition is a unique and quirky aspect to the show. They give each other an opportunity for some solo stand-up and before you know it, the hour has gone.
Funny as Sin is a delightful and funny hour of entertainment with plenty of laughs and well worth seeing.

  • Review by Beth Klein