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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

SHOWBIZ: Lano and Woodley in Moby Dick

Lano and Woodley present Moby Dick with tales of adventure, revenge, madness, religion and “the fury and majesty of nature, all served with a side of whaling” as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival from March 31 to April 24 at the Comedy Theatre.
Frank and Colin have once again bitten off more than they can chew, as they pull up anchor on their most ambitious show yet.
Will Captain Ahab’s hatred of his nemesis Moby Dick send them headlong into total destruction? Will Colin’s long held hatred of Frank, end in the destruction of his nemesis?
As Frank and Colin set sail with their new show, they aim to fill the stage with an hour of sublime, inventive and ridiculous comedy.
Performance Dates: March 31-April 24,
Times: Tues-Thurs 6pm, Fri , Sat 6.30pm, Sun 5pm
Venue: Comedy Theatre, Melbourne
Ticket price:From $49.90
Bookings: ticketek.com.au

  • Cheryl Threadgold