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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

TV: We Are One. An Australia Day Documentary

‘We Are One’ is an Australia Day documentary.

It is narrated by Adam Goodes, produced by Matt Lanigan and directed by Brendan Dillon.

A small group of Australians have created a new movement called We Are One.

“The meaning of Australia Day is something unique to each and every Australian and whilst the debate over the date continues to create divide throughout country, this movement aims to bridge the gap,” says Matt Lanigan.

“Using the Australia Day public holiday as a platform to engage the nation and educate about our history, create a coversation about what Australia Day means to you, and celebrate as one how lucky we are to live in this amazing country.

“The funds raised will go towards curating Australia Day events around the country, with the proceeds of each event going back into the community to help create education modules on Australian history, to be taught to our kids and back to the Indigenous community, to help fund and engage in real discussions with the federal government about creating a treaty that both agree with,” Mr Lanigan said.

The documentary goes for 18 minutes.